On the first day of school, I walked with weary eyes and lazy steps to meet the rest of my sleepy classmates.

Thankfully, the 2014-2015 high school council revived us with a game that soon had the entire school jumping in the bleachers. After close examination of the council, I have concluded that a team this great has only been assembled once before. This year’s student council bears a striking resemblance to Marvel’s super team: The Avengers.

The American Boy Scout and leader could be no other than Captain HBA, junior Jantzen Nakai. Like Captain America, president Nakai exemplifies the beauty of the American spirit including, but not limited to, eagles, chicken wings, and Martha Stewart. Nakai is sure to be a great leader for all grades and plans to unite the school this year through school-wide events.

Very obviously, vice president senior Joshua Kishaba is #twinning with Tony Stark as the cool guy on campus who takes on the Ironman suit. Senior Kishaba is a real hit among the ladies, due to his massive muscles (and, as he stated in his election speech, his sense of “inner peace”). With both brains and brawn, Kishaba will definitely bring excitement and fun to this year’s council.

[one_third]”Like Thor, senior Rylie Sumimoto brings unique and eccentric ideas to the table, such as transforming herself into John Lennon just to do a history presentation.”[/one_third]

Corresponding secretary senior Sydney Lau is quite the genius. Like scientist Bruce Banner, Lau strives to solve difficult problems and improve herself at every chance. Whether she’s practicing difficult trumpet rhythms or finishing Pre-Cal a day early, Lau has unparalleled determination. Take it from someone with experience: You don’t want to make her angry. Her 5’3” frame is only a disguise for her hulkish muscles that have defeated me in arm wrestling more than once. Lau has a driven, go-getter personality and she will stop at nothing to make this year a smash.

When it comes to Scandinavian heartthrobs with glorious hair, recording secretary senior Rylie Sumimoto hammers the part. Often confused by colloquial and everyday customs like Thor, senior Sumimoto brings unique and eccentric ideas to the table, such as transforming herself into John Lennon just to do a history presentation. Sumimoto is a rough tough fighting machine and isn’t afraid to speak her mind and flaunt her blonde beard.

Black Widow may be a Russian spy, martial artist, and weapons expert but she’s no Isabel Wiemken. Treasurer Wiemken is just about as dedicated as it gets. Like Agent Romanov, junior Wiemken lays low in the background. Much of the behind-the-scenes action and tedious work is done by her. From Spirit Week to planning numerous socials, Wiemken kept the Class of 2016’s sophomore year fresh and exciting without expecting anything in return. With her as treasurer, this year’s student council will be organized and tons of fun.

With such a tight knit group of super forces, I can’t wait to see the council in action this upcoming school year. Like Shield leader Nick Fury, I’m sure faculty advisor Tony Traughber has already begun his 10-stage tanning operation, and will soon be on the market for an eye-patch before the yearbook student council photo.

Photography by Aaron Wilford (’15). Illustration by Sarah Yoo (’15).