Americans can’t watch the news or go on social media without being reminded of an impending event:  the 2016 Presidential Election.

Americans grouse about the ads to come, bashing candidates and revealing personal information that many just don’t care about.  The 2012 Presidential Election between Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican Governor Mitt Romney showed not only Americans, but also the international community that American elections are fueled by private interests.


Clinton was once a United States Senator representing New York. Rubio, Cruz, and Paul respectively represent Florida, Texas, and Kentucky.


At this point next year, Americans can expect at least the following candidates on the news and their televisions ads: Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.  Republicans Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio have been hitting Hillary Clinton with ads and preemptive attacks for weeks, even months before she had announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015.  Clinton, perhaps the most widely-known politician of the modern age, was once the focus of President Obama’s State Department. Clinton, however is currently experiencing trouble from allegations of misuse and abuse of power while the Secretary of State.

Interestingly, local landmarks have set the tone for candidates’ announcements.  Ted Cruz, the first presidential nominee of the 2016 election cycle, spoke at the Evangelical Christian Liberty University based in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Ted Cruz continues to face other conservative challengers such as Paul and Rubio for the Evangelical vote, making the announcement at Liberty University advantageous for his future campaign.  Like his campaign, the university’s name bears the focus of his campaign: liberty.  Paul announced his campaign in Louisville, Kentucky, his home state.  Rubio announced his campaign on April 13, 2015 at the Freedom Tower in Miami, Florida.  The Freedom Tower is a local landmark that was the processing center for Cuban immigrants to America.  At this point, Rubio is the youngest candidate at 43 years old.  Clinton is the oldest at 67.  Clinton was once a United States Senator representing New York.  Rubio, Cruz, and Paul respectively represent Florida, Texas, and Kentucky.

Americans have yet to see what special interest groups and the American political machine spits out this election cycle.  Regardless of whom becomes president, either candidate will have to raise enormous amounts of campaign funds. Many analysts predict that each candidate will need to raise over $1 billion, some even saying that candidates will have to raise up to $2 billion to stay competitive.