On April 16-18, HBA’s ministry team held its first Refresh Camp, specifically created for present and upcoming student leaders.

Christian Ministries director Rob Lockridge and associate John Kaneshiro used this camp to prepare the leaders for next year and send off the seniors. Similar to grade camps, students were given the chance to attend family groups, chapels, and participate in games and activities. According to Lockridge, the hope was for students to gain an idea of how the early church came together in fellowship and prayed. “I am greatly hoping to see stronger, better prepared, and more confident students coming out of this camp,” he added.

Around 40 students from grades eight to twelve intermingled in cabins and family groups, giving leaders like senior Anne Shiraishi a chance to meet new people.  “Honestly, the best part of camp was the time I got to fellowship with the other leaders,” said Shiraishi, who has been in the ministry team since freshman year. “From talking in cabins to sharing our testimonies, I loved getting to know people from other grades who I wouldn’t normally have classes with.”

For many of the student attendants, Refresh Camp differed in many aspects from a regular grade camp and last year’s Servant Group Camp. “This camp was definitely more relaxed and chill,” said junior Josh Namba. “Although there was a plan, nobody except the counselors knew what was up next, so it was nice losing track of time.”


“I think a friendly attitude and Christ-centered love from this group of leaders could change the campus.”

Senior Anne Shiraishi


In addition to that, Refresh Camp focused on providing a sense of community between the different grades, which, according to junior Briana Smith, added to her experience. “Everyone who went was enthused to be there and that can make all the difference in the world,” said Smith. According to Lockridge, the camp was also a way the students could celebrate and look back at the progress they had made from this past year, which went through many big changes.

In one activity, each family group had to present a lesson on a scripture verse using any method they chose. Namba and his family group used a mash-up of singing, dancing, and acting to present their verse. Namba said, “Although it didn’t go as planned, it was still really fun and I got to know the guys in my group better.”

Upon returning from camp on Saturday, Shiraishi, although a senior, looks forward to next year’s ministry team. “I think a friendly attitude and Christ-centered love from this group of leaders could change the campus,” she said.

Lockridge and Kaneshiro began planning for this camp one year ago. This year, ministry team leaders counseled grade camps and led bible studies around campus. If students are interested in joining ministry team as a leader or participant, they can contact Lockridge or Kaneshiro for more information.