With student council elections taking place this week, an all-female group of candidates will voice their goals for next year in today’s special assembly.

I think [voters] should consider leadership experience, evidence of support for the school, and who they think will help move the student body forward in good ways,” says Bible teacher and council adviser Tony Traughber. “Students should also consider who in the candidate list can best encourage and challenge them, which often comes down to good communication and interpersonal skills. When looking at the ballot, try your best to see the group as a whole, [and] who will work best with who.”  Today, students will get the chance to hear speeches from the candidates in an assembly and voting will take place tomorrow (Wednesday.)

Here are the candidates for next year’s student council:



1. Shannon Mau (’16) — “Stand with Shan.”


“If elected, my main goal is to unite the school and represent everyone.  I want each student to be comfortable enough to talk to me, because I’m open to suggestions and I’m down to have a friendly chat any time.  I will bring a combination of honesty, responsibility, and fun to student council.”






2. Isabel Wiemken (’16) — “I’ll stay b-izzy so that you don’t have to.”


“If I’m elected, I will make sure the student body knows that the Student Council is there to hear their questions, comments, and concerns regarding the school. Although we are sometimes limited in how we can help various situations, we can still serve as a louder voice to the administration. The student council is more than just a group of students that plan Winter Banquet and Spirit Week. We have the potential to make our school a better place for our fellow classmates.”



Vice President


1. Judithanne “Joyy” Young (’17) — “Take action, bring joyy.”


“I want to engage the whole student body in joint homerooms and mix up the activities done.  I also plan on creating more enjoyable events during lunch such as a pop culture trivia contest, rap battles, musicians, and more. Overall I wish to make students’ experience at HBA fun and engaging.”






Recording Secretary


1. Lauren Chin (’16) — “#CHINFORTHEWIN!!!!!!!!!!!”

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“I will make sure to voice your opinions and bring positive and fun vibes to the council to make this the best year for everyone. I know how important student feedback is for things like the dress-up days for Spirit Week and games for all-school-homeroom, so I will be all ears for you guys!” 






Corresponding Secretary


1. Charlene Chen (’16) — “This is your education, your life, your school, and our time is now.”


“If elected, I will make sure the student voice is heard. I will work hard to drive our school to further unity and encourage students to raise their voices, express themselves, and challenge ideas.”








2. Kristin Lau (’19) — “Vote Kristin Lau for corresponding secretary.”





“I will do everything in my power to make the school a better place so that 2016 can be a memorable and awesome year for everyone.”











1. Chambre Mangiarelli (’16) — “I got 99 problems but counting ain’t one.”


“I will do my best to take into account everyone’s suggestions to better the school. I’ll make good use of my many years of math. To give any suggestions for our school, add @shanbre16 on Snapchat and message me.  And remember to vote Chambre for treasurer because it just makes cents!