Hi! My name is Brant Yamamoto and I am a junior. I have been running for four years, participating in both Track and Field, and Cross Country.

Although I have been doing both since eighth grade, I hate running Cross Country because I am much better at Track, and mostly run Cross Country for the social experience. This blog will give tips to new runners, and I will also share my experiences from the runs I do with the Cross Country or Track teams. I will be posting every week so please run by to see what’s new.

Runners Tip: Buying Shoes

My Pair of Sauconys (cost $117), after 1 month of use

Before even beginning to run, everyone must buy a pair of running shoes. Picking out shoes is like the scene in Harry Potter where Harry picks out his wand. The wrong shoe may lead to foot pain or other injuries like how the wrong wand didn’t feel right when Harry tried it out.

Most people go to a major sporting goods store to buy shoes but sadly, many of the employees at these stores have limited knowledge in the subject and may sell you the wrong shoe. When I first started running, I went to Sports Authority and the pair of Reeboks I bought lead to horrible foot pain, which I dealt with for the entire three month season of Cross Country. Words cannot describe the pain my arches had every step I took in those shoes, and they were so bad that I stopped mid workout. What made this pair a bad shoe was the lack of arch, which is a common fault that I find while looking in the “running shoes” section of major stores. I suggest going to a specialty running store that will have expert runners to will help you find the right shoe.

[one_third]Picking out shoes is kinda like the scene in Harry Potter where Harry picks out his wand.[/one_third]

If you live on the island of Oahu, there are many stores across the island. There is the Running Room on Kapahulu (that’s where I go), Runners Route on Kapiolani next to Ala Moana, and Runners Hi located in Aiea. If the store lets you go outside and run around with the shoes you’re trying on, do it. You will most likely be able to feel how different shoes fit, and that will help you determine what kind of shoe you should be running in. If you go to the Running Room, they will even let your return a shoe you bought within 30 days of purchase, allowing you to go on an actual run to see whether the shoes feel right. Also, if you’re a student, mention that you’re running Cross Country or Track, and Running Room normally gives you a 10% discount.

Runner’s World has a very comprehensive survey to help runners determine the right type of shoe to buy. However, I feel that there is no standardized guide and the only way is to actually test out different shoes. Some, like my uncle, have found one brand that works and only buys shoes from that specific brand. However, I have gone through Nike, Saucony, Asics, Reebok and Adidas, and still don’t prefer one over the other. I currently have a pair of Sauconys and they feel great on my right foot but a little uncomfortable on the left. But I am slowly breaking in the left shoe on every run I go on. Come back next week when I will break down the different runs I do with my Cross Country Team.

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