My song of the week is “First Breath After Coma” by Explosions in the Sky. This instrumental song has been very fitting to my mood lately.

Between school, a job, and the many tasks that life entails, listening to this song feels like my “first breath after coma.”

This isn’t the type of song that you replay over and over again and then get sick of it. It is an eight-minute song you get lost listening to, while exploring every second.

The start of this year, a lot has changed. I recently got an addition to my family. We are hosting a foreign exchange student from Germany until December. Her name is Viviane and you’ll hear more about her later in my blog.

I got my driver’s license last week. I thought I would fail the first time but to my surprise, I passed. I spent my first drive alone around 9:00pm, depositing a check and going to Walgreens for AJax.

The bank was closed so I had to go to an ATM for some cash. So there I was standing alone in an empty parking lot, confused with new responsibilities. Walgreen’s was rather vacant, and empty enough that I could sing along to the house music and dance as I was searching for cleaning supplies.

I remembered an adorable bikini I found online. I left with a banana.

I went into 7-Eleven and the junk food was staring straight at me. As my eyes scanned the powdered donuts I remembered an adorable bikini I found online. I left with a banana.

I thought I would have this urge of excitement driving alone, but it was really nothing. I just let the captivating notes of Explosions in the Sky wash over me as I made my way back home.

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