My song of the week is “Gracious Tempest” by Hillsong Young & Free.

In the beginning of this year I saw Hillsong live at the Blaisdell. I visited their college tent afterwards and looked into applications for their college in Australia. This song is one of my favorite worship songs. I play this about every morning while driving to school.

The month of October is almost over, which makes me worry for the upcoming months. I normally want to fly through a school year, but I keep forgetting that this is my last year. The weight of that is starting to sink in and I actually want these months to go by slower.

I love the new start of a month because there’s so much that can change within those 30 days. As exciting that is, it’s also overwhelming and sad. This is the last Thanksgiving I’ll be spending at home for awhile. The last homecoming. The last school dance.

I hold onto this song because the goodness and love of my God is the only thing that lasts. As I am growing up, I’m learning that life is busy. It’s inevitable to get caught up in the fast pace of life. But this song will always be my four-minute anchor; it sings that God’s love is like a storm.

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