As an experienced Tumblr blogger of fashion, I know what’s trending, the dos and don’ts of fashion, and how to pair clothing together.

I want to show the world how to express themselves using clothing and accessories. I devote almost all my time to my three different Tumblr fashion blogs searching for new styles. I love all types of fashion, whether it be girly or a more rock and roll style. When it comes down to trends, they may not be your style or in your price range but you can make it your own or find a more generic brand. I’m going to give you advice on how to find clothes that fit your style, body, and price range while staying hip and trendy. I may not be dressed in Prada or Chanel, but I know the new trends for the season, and I know when someone is committing a crime against fashion.

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Airport fashion in Korea

Korea’s celebrities are known for their stylish airport fashion, where they have the chance to show their individual styles to the world. As K-pop stars travel outside of Korea, and one of the places we can see them in their casual, everyday outfits is at the airport.

Celebrities get out of cars with their coats and sunglasses and walk through the airport strutting their stuff. SNSD or Girl’s Generation, a K-pop group consisting of eight girls, are famous for their airport fashion. On March 4, as the group headed to Japan, Yoon Ah, Seo Hyun, and Soo Young were seen in these fashion forward casual outfits.

Women aren’t the only celebrities who get noticed for their airport fashion.  Groups like BIGBANG and BTS have also been spotted with great outfits at the airport. G-Dragon from BIGBANG was seen at the Incheon Airport with a pink sweater with a fox on it and a stylish hat:


If you don’t own fancy clothes, but you still want to look cool, wear something that complements you and is comfortable. Make sure your shoes are easy to take on and off for the security checkpoints and wear something comfortable for long flights. My favorite outfit is jeans and a T-shirt, as long as the jeans aren’t too tight. A cute backpack or a large purse will make for an ideal carry-on bag.

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Five Spring and Summer 2015 Trends

Spring is coming up fast and along with the regular spring trends there are some new trends for this season.

Seventies inspired fashion is in right now. Outrageous patterns, flared trousers, and denim are trending this spring and summer.

Denim has always been a basic but this season it has a bigger role in the trends. Cropped denim jackets, statement jeans, and denim tunics are key spring trend pieces.

Utility jackets and military jackets are very useful and comfortable, but what makes them better is that they are trending. Khaki and parkas showed up in many fashion shows for spring and summer 2015.

Saddle bags: Tanned leather bag with buckles, fringe, and patchwork. According to Natalie Kingham, buying director at, rich-colored suedes like yellow gold, rusts, and plenty of nostalgic tan are perfect colors for a saddle bag.

Statement earrings made a comeback at Emporio Armani, Moschino and Roberto Cavalli for SS15. Circle and disc shapes are the shapes for the season.

Vivid flower prints are going to rule your look. Graphic bags with bold floral prints are in for this spring.

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POST #1:

Where do I start? What do I do?

First. You need to have an idea of what your style is. Do you like a grunge, hippie, preppy, or luxurious and high fashion look?

Grunge fashion is very messy and almost edgy. There are a lot of looks and types of clothing that go into this but the basics are: distressed jeans, high-tops like Converse, flannel shirts, combat boots, band T-shirts, and chokers. Visit some thrift shops to find oversized T-shirts and old looking stuff. Grunge can also fall into some punk and skater looks as well. 90’s-inspired fashion is still trending today, so I would invest in some kind of piece from this look.

The hippie or 70’s look (similar to bohemian or hipster looks) is trending this spring and summer. This look is really loose and comfortable so flared pants, flowy skirts, or sundresses are perfect. Sandals work well too so try to look for flat, leather-looking sandals. Hippies tend to wear lots of handcrafted jewelry like long beaded necklaces, stones, and seashells. To add to your hippie jewelry, wear thick rimmed glasses or John Lennon-inspired glasses. Anything with fringe or embroidery is perfect and will leave you looking like you’re straight off the 2015 Spring and Summer catwalk.

[one_third]This does not mean however that you must get the high-end stuff; the point is to look the part.[/one_third]

Classic Prep clothing is tailored, flattering, and usually sticks to solids, stripes, plaids, polka dots, and the occasional herringbone. It’s basically a girly look so skirts and pastel colors are perfect. Sweaters, button down shirts, pencil skirts are also good for this type of look. Classic prep can also look vintage at times and that is okay.

If you like looking elegant and rich but in a more casual way, then the luxurious casual look is perfect for you. The elegant side of this look is close to the classic prep look because it is very feminine. You could call it a Parisian look because usually the French wear higher quality items and more expensive products. This does not mean however that you must get the high-end stuff; the point is to look the part.

Knock-off brands will not only keep to your budget but will help you look fashion forward and luxurious. Neutral colors such as black, white, cream, gray, brown, and navy blue will go with anything. You can still wear bright and vibrant colors but the neutral colors are going to be easier to match things with. Find clothing with leather, 100% cotton, silk, linen, and cashmere so that it is of high quality, and very soft and comfortable. Sweaters, blazers, leather handbags, leather jackets, silk blouses, luxury jeans, ballet flats, and classic heels are some of the basics for a luxurious Parisian look.

Want to know more about what’s trending? Come back soon for my next post.