In September, Miley Cyrus released the music video to her newest single “Wrecking Ball”.

The video broke the VEVO 24 hour Record for views with an astounding 19.3 million. If Miley was looking for some attention, she got it. What probably made people flock to watch the video was news that Miley was naked for some of it. I watched it, and I was pretty … stunned? shocked? All I could think about was what my friend who is mildly obsessed with Miley thought of the video. Going nude, of course, brought some negative attention, but some defend Miley’s choice to go nude, saying that the nudity was to make the video more emotional and raw.

I’ll admit that I very much enjoy the song itself. It could do without the choppiness, but it works somewhat. The song tells the story of a love gone terribly wrong. It is emotionally packed and, if you’ve kept up with celebrity gossip news, is quite obviously about her ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. You can hear her emotions through her vocals, which I think is her strong suit. Miley has country vocals. She can emote pretty well as most country artists do well, so honestly, she didn’t need to go nude at all in her video. A good music video should not obscure the message of the song. If online commentators weren’t explaining that her nudity meant more than being nude for the sake of being nude, I wouldn’t have guessed. In the video, she also very seductively licks a jackhammer. I was utterly confused. Apparently, it is supposed to symbolize her secret love for the pain of the relationship. Sorry, Miley, but your message didn’t really get across. It just looked plain weird.

[one_third]Sorry, Miley, but your message didn’t really get across. It just looked plain weird.[/one_third]

Altogether, with the release of “Wrecking Ball” and her erratic behavior, it seems that the Disney star is caught up in a post-Hemsworth emotional wreck he broke off their engagement. Is it a coincidence that she started behaving crazily after he called off the marriage? I am confused though; is she’s just extremely mad at him or does she still love him because it all seems like she’s trying to push him away. Miley just really needs to sit down and catch up to reality. She really needs to find a better, more positive way of handling her emotional wreckage.