Waking up to that screeching alarm clock is not the hardest part of your morning.

No, the absolute hardest part is getting yourself to look like you didn’t just wake up 10 minutes ago. The main tattletale of that story is your hair. And girls, we have it worse than guys. But don’t fret! Here’s a gallery of the cutest braided hairdos for girls so that you can find (and master) the cutest hairstyle for those crazy mornings. Click on the pictures to see how-to videos.

Braided Hairdos

One Side Dutch

The One-side Dutch braid is the classiest, and arguably the most common one seen on teenage girls. It especially accentuates facial features—eyes, eyebrows, and cheekbones —as it borders the face.

Half Up Dutch

This is my favorite hairstyle, mainly because of its flirtatious yet fun-loving vibe.

Double French

If you want to rock this style, spend 10-15 minutes on your own, or get a friend to do it in 5. This look can always be seen on athletes because of it’s tight, clean, and sporty style.

Half Up French

The Half-up French is the most comfortable, casual hairstyle.

Upside Down Dutch Buns

As you can tell, this style requires quite a bit more time and skill than the others; however, once it’s mastered, these Upside Down Dutch Buns are hands-down the most lively, playful look of them all.


This is the simplest style to learn, and it makes a regular single braid look a lot more complex than it is.

Twist Braid

This style does a fantastic job at emphasizing your hair highlights while achieving a subtle, elegant look.

I’d also like to add that getting highlights (or lowlights) in your hair, although it may be costly, is totally worth it. Some people are born with unembellished color and others with natural highlights. Recently ombré and foil highlights have been the way to go, giving the monochromatic, washed out look more energizing depth.

What I want you to take away from this post is that a simple braid with a cute twist can instantly make you look awake and glamorous during your hectic mornings. Also, don’t only limit yourself to these styles; try different techniques and get creative! My next post will be on the amazing beauty benefits of my favorite multipurpose product —coconut oil! So stay tuned to Flying in Vogue!

All photographs by Akemi Santiago (’18).

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