As skinny as I look, I have tried quite a lot of food over the span of my life.

When I got the assignment to try something that I’ve never eaten before, I stopped by my local Safeway one afternoon on my way back home to see if I could find anything. My dad asked me, “So, what kind of thing are you thinking about?” I answered him with, “Oh, I don’t know…there might be something in the store that I haven’t had yet, but I think it’s gonna be hard.”

With both of us chuckling at that thought, we started to browse through the aisles. After about the fourth aisle, we started to chuckle again because I said sarcastically, “That is quite impressive…it means that you’ve fed me just about everything that there is!” But I thought for a minute that there HAD to be something that I’ve never eaten. So I looked in the produce section, and there it was…the one thing that caught my attention: the zucchini squash. There was a bundle of them sitting there, green, round, and ready for me to eat.

Later that night, my dad stir-fried the zucchini squash and put it in the pasta sauce that we had bought recently at Safeway to make a rather appetizing Italian-style dish. The zucchini looked pretty good—a lot like cucumber. I took my first bite and started to chew it slowly. It had a firm outer frame and many seeds in the middle. It tasted like a pumpkin-pickle-cucumber combination.

My Overall Feeling

I wasn’t too sure if I would like it or not, but I’ve concluded that the zucchini is a vegetable that sure tastes good if cooked with the right accompaniments. I wondered why people have overlooked the zucchini squash so much figured it was because of how bland and uninteresting the flavor is.

Someday if I get around to eating it again, I think stir-fried zucchini might be pretty good when dipped in creamy ranch or blue cheese dressing.