The seventh and newest installment of the Star Wars saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has proven to be a record-breaking success in the box office.

The movie has gained rave reviews among fans and critics alike, so it’s no surprise that the fans of this upcoming anthology of films—Episode VII is the first of a trilogy—ihave high expectations. Already, die-hard Star Wars enthusiasts are crafting theories about what they predict will happen in the eighth and ninth installments.

One theory in particular has gained major traction in the Star Wars community. This headcanon delves into the despised Star Wars prequels and proposes that widely-hated character Jar Jar Binks was actually supposed to become a sith lord in the prequels, and that this story arc will finally reveal itself in Episode VIII. The theory strengthens its surprisingly plausible argument by using evidence from the movies, old interviews with George Lucas, and even points out that Jar Jar Bink’s clumsy movements is reminiscent of a Chinese fighting style known as zui quan, or drunken fist. Many of the fight scenes including Jedi and Sith are inspired by unique fighting styles, so theorists believe that Jar Jar’s moves are no exception.

Physics teacher Andrew Vitek is an enthusiastic supporter of the Darth Jar Jar theory. He claims that “the evidence is overwhelming.” Star Wars fanatic senior Tanner Isaacs is quick to disagree, stating that “Darth Jar Jar is not real. It’s just a stupid excuse for Jar Jar Binks haters to continue bashing on the character for being annoying.”

Other theories attempt to answer the mystery behind Rey’s (played by Daisy Ridley) unknown family. Some hope that she is the daughter of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Leia (Carrie Fisher), making her the sister of the villainous Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Others wish for Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) to be revealed as her father. Both situations would make Rey the granddaughter of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones), which could lead to interesting stories and themes.

Isaacs is beginning to form his own theory about The Force Awakens. While he admits to not having much evidence yet, Isaacs proposes that Maz Kanata, a Force-sensitive side character in the new Star Wars movie “might be a Jedi in hiding.”

Despite theorists putting a lot of time and research into their predictions, Disney refuses to comment on any of them. For many, however, waiting to see whether the theory is canonical or not is part of the fun.