Classes competed today in Capture the Flag. The game was played in three rounds: boys, girls, and mixed. Each class fielded two boys and two girls. Here is the latest tally:

Dress-Up (Tourist Tuesday):

5th: Seventh grade (79%)
4th: Eighth grade (96%)
3rd: Freshmen (97%)
2nd: Sophomores (98%)
1st: Tie between seniors and juniors (100%)

Capture the Flag:

6th: Seventh grade (5 flags)
5th: Freshmen (18 flags)
4th: Sophomores (20 flags)
3rd: Eighth grade (23 flags)
2nd: Seniors (58 flags)
1st: Juniors (78 flags)

Overall Standings:

6th: Seventh (10 points)
5th: Freshmen (16 points)
4th: Eighth (19 points)
3rd: Sophomores (28 points)
2nd: Seniors (33 points)
1st: Juniors (35 points)

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Photography by Timothy Dixon (’20)