HBA’s JV Gold Volleyball team won the ILH Division 2 Championship title, beating Sacred Hearts in their final match on October 9.

The team also went undefeated this season, not dropping a set until their final match. Not since 2009 has an HBA girls JV team has won this title.


“Even if you are an amazing player individually, you always need to play as a team.”

Sophomore libero Alissa Vasper


According to the team, it was hard work and dedication that helped them win the championship. “Every day at practice was a conditioning day. Each drill we ran had some sort of exercise associated with it. Most of the time we had to run as a punishment, but at the end of the season, it felt like we were gaining something,” said sophomore outside hitter Kristin Moniz. “We knew that the benefits would be greater than the pain,” she added.

Teamwork is very important in volleyball, as freshmen middle Taylor Eleola explained: “It is probably the most important. Even if you are an amazing player individually, you always need to play as a team.” Teammate sophomore libero Alissa Vasper, also agreed, saying, “Teamwork is everything. If someone was having a bad day, then it would affect the entire team.”

When asked what was the most memorable moment from her season, Moniz said, “The most memorable moment has to be the day coach Megan started to make us run as a punishment. Up until then, we had been slacking off, thinking that since we were on the JV2 team, we didn’t have to work as hard…However, as the season went along and we started to win every game, I noticed that I was running faster, jumping higher, and moving quicker to get to the ball.”