What makes an event at HBA more fun than special school event shirts?

For some people special shirts show honor to a specific occasion while for others they’re a simple excuse to get out of school uniforms for a day. You’ve got your basic individual class shirts and your spirit shirts. What I’d like to discuss is the chapel theme shirts, with this year’s theme being “Love Does”.

While I understand how often the class and spirit shirts can be worn (every other Friday and on field trips, respectively), the choice of dress days for the Love Does shirt baffles me. These shirts can only be worn on the first Thursday of every month to chapels, with a few exceptions.

In fact, I have only worn the Love Does shirt twice in my entire life, which was to both Love Does All-School Chapels at the end of the first and third quarters. Why I wore it so rarely is not because I hate the shirt. The design is actually really cool with the message “Love Does” being inside out, but with such a limited number of days to wear, I found the use of this shirt impractical.

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First of all, I’m used to special shirts being worn multiple times per month and I enjoy them because they always have a meaning for whatever is going on. Take class shirts for example; what makes that shirt great is that it represents the corresponding class and is worn quite often. The Spirit shirts, although just serving the purpose of “spirit”, always get me in a good mood because I would really like to wear something other than my school uniform on Fridays.

The Love Does shirt, however, feels too limited and doesn’t feel special. The only time I’ve seen the shirt outside of chapel was on Senior Day. But why were the seniors allowed to wear those shirts rather than their own class shirts? I assume that since this year’s senior class shirts were long sleeved, another alternative needed to be selected so the students wouldn’t get hot and sweaty, so they went with the Love Does shirt. If the seniors had that privilege, I don’t see why the other grades can’t.

Also, Thursday chapels are just ordinary school days and don’t need a shirt to promote the theme of “Love Does” any further. Whenever Mr. Lockridge asks us the theme at chapel every week, we automatically know what it is. I understand that he wants to keep the yearly chapel theme strong, but I feel we should already know the theme by heart rather than having a shirt remind us on a weekly basis. And why wear it once a month when all it does is collect dust for the next four or so weeks? The lack of sanctioned use only leads to students cutting the shirts apart and turning them into tank tops as I’ve seen happen to old class and CEW shirts.

In summary, although I find chapel themed shirts like the Love Does shirts are a great way to remind students that “love does”, I feel that the lack of dress days is the reason why this type of shirt should stop being produced. We shouldn’t let more cotton go to waste.

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