HBA is launching a new uniform design for the 2017-18 school year that will apply only to the high school.

The new uniform looks significantly different from the current ones, and the lower price tag will be a welcome break for families who find the current uniforms expensive. Among the changes include the elimination of the uniform skirt. Both high school girls and boys will now wear pants.

In February, representatives from the student council met with HBA administrators to relay student feedback on how to make HBA a better school. Seniors Keiko Sanders, Makenzie Cammack, and Joyy Young raised a number of issues with high school principal Marsha Hirae and vice principal Ryan Frontiera, including concerns regarding the latest uniform design. According to Young, many students consider the current uniforms expensive and “scratchy,” due to the large logo on the front of the shirt. Some students have also voiced frustration over the skirt length rule, which they feel is outdated.

“We wanted to make sure that we accurately reflected the wants of the students to the school administration,” Young, the council president said, “and we spent the most time on the school uniform issue because that was the most common complaint we heard from students.”

This week, at the start of the fourth quarter, after considering the concerns raised in that meeting, the high school administration announced a new uniform design and also the elimination of the uniform skirt. Frontiera said, “We hope that the new high school uniforms will help foster an identity that is unique to the high school community, and students will feel proud to wear something that is more fashionable. Plus eliminating the skirt helps us move forward into a more egalitarian society.”

Sanders was pleased to learn that the school has responded to the council’s requests. “There were a lot of things that the students requested: many wanted more comfortable and affordable uniforms, others requested more fashion forward options. We communicated those wishes to the school and I truly think that we were able make everyone happy,” Sanders remarked when reflecting on the council’s achievements this school year.

The uniforms will go on sale at Mills Wear this summer and high school students will be required to wear the new uniforms starting August 2017. Made of a recycled polyester blend, the new pants and shirts are about half the price of the current uniforms. In addition, Mills is offering a 25% discount to all students who bring in their old uniforms for recycling.

Commenting on the student council’s contribution to the changes taking place at HBA, Cammack said, “I am really glad to have served the school one last time before I graduate. I only wish I would be here next year to rock the new uniforms with everyone else!”

Follow this link to see a detailed price list.