After a competitive week of events, the Class of 2020 finally took home the Mana Cup with a score of 323. The sophomores (294) and juniors (231) finished in second and third place respectively.

The senior class kicked off the week in the lead by winning both the boys and girls Tug-of-War competitions. They were also the only class to earn full points for all five days of the dress-up competition. The sophomores trailed just eight points behind them midweek but the seniors managed to secure their win in the last two days of the week by taking first place in the Pepper Squad, Mascot, All-School Cheer (tie with sophomores), and NHS Fundraiser categories.

This year, seventh graders through seniors donated a total of $5,770 to the fundraiser for Ho‘ola Na Pua, a local organization dedicated to preventing sex trafficking and rescuing sexually trafficked children.

1st: Seniors (323)
2nd: Sophomores (294)
3rd: Juniors (231)
4th: 8th Grade (185)
5th: Freshmen (157)
6th: 7th Grade (108)

Score Breakdown By Category
Note from the Student Council: “You might have noticed a difference in the scoring of dress-up days this year. In an attempt to help build class spirit for dress-up points, classes placing right after classes that tied were not penalized with an even lower score as in previous years. That’s why Friday’s second place winners for dress-up, the juniors, received eight points for second place instead of four points for fourth as in previous years. This change does not apply to major activities like banner or mascot. In those instances, the regular placement rules apply.”

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