Spirit Week excitement continued on Thursday as each grade presented their Pepper Squad routines.

Since the last quarter, classes have been gearing up and preparing for their Pepper Squad performances. The Pepper Squad is a seven-minute skit performance which incorporates musical, dance, and often comedic elements that showcase the Spirit Week theme. This year’s theme is “Sidekick Story”, and each class had to tell an original back-story of their assigned sidekick characters through their Pepper Squad performance. The eighth grade team told the story of Baloo the Bear from “Jungle Book”, the freshmen fleshed out the origins of Olaf from “Frozen”, and the sophomores explained exactly how Genie and Magic Carpet became sidekicks. The juniors took on Mushu and Cricket from “Mulan” and the seniors told the story behind the Snow White’s seven dwarves.

Just like last year, the seventh graders didn’t participate in Pepper Squad in order to allow them to discover what the category entails before having to compete in it.

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Photography by Brent Low (’20) and Drew Yoshida (’19).