The Student Council organized the second annual Skatie Hawkins social on the evening of October 17 at Ice Palace in Salt Lake.

Skatie Hawkins is a play on the traditional Sadie Hawkins dance, where roles are reversed and girls ask the boys to the dance. Many HBA girls took the opportunity to ask guys to the ice skating event with elaborate proposals, while some chose to go without dates.

Senior Candace Minami asked her close friend and bowling teammate junior Logan Takeda. She presented him with a brand new pair of Nike Janoskis, a popular sneaker model released by Nike. Inside the shoe box, Minami wrote, “We make a gr8 pair! Skaties?” Takeda said yes. Minami decided to buy Takeda a pair of shoes because of his love for sneakers. She said, “It was a really great to experience the other side. I’m usually comfortable around Logan, but this time I was actually nervous!”

The skating event offered students a place to bond with friends outside of school, while escaping the unusual October heat. “It was surprisingly fun,” said senior Randi Nishida. “It wasn’t as formal as banquet, and I was able to hang out with a bunch of different people.”

Around 110 students participated in Skaties Hawkins along with several chaperones. Math teacher Terence Li, said, “Skaties is a good opportunity for girls to understand that it can be difficult to ask someone out.  Hopefully, this will allow them to have some sympathy, even when they aren’t interested.”

Photos by Dylan-John Loo (’15)