Spirit Week hustle and bustle continues with Era Day and a brand new activity.

On day two of Spirit Week 2014, students dressed up accordingly to the an era assigned to their grade. Seventh graders had Romans, eighth graders had Western, and freshmen had the Great Depression. In the end, the seniors (Pirates), juniors (Egyptians), and sophomores (Futuristic) had a three-way tie again for first in dress-up point with 100% participation.

Due to judging difficulties experienced during last year’s relay race, which was going to be this year’s Day Two activity, the Student Council decided on a new activity this year called “Minute to Win It”. The goal of the game is for students to complete a series of tasks, each within one minute. For every task completed within the minute, the grade would receive a point. The winning grade would be the one completing the most challenges within the allotted time.

The sophomores emerged as the winners, with the seniors and juniors in second and third place, respectively.