Spirit Week 2014 excitement continues as each grade presented their Pepper Squad routines on Thursday.

The highlight of Day Four is when classes present their pepper squad during the end of day assembly. This year, each class must tell an original backstory of their assigned villain or monster. In previous years, the dress-up day assignment was related to each class’ mascot, but this year, because it is hard to dress like monsters, the Student Council designated Day Four as Class Shirt Day. The freshmen came in sixth place for dress-up participation, followed by the seventh grade in fifth, and a four-way tie between the eighth grade, sophomores, juniors and seniors for 100% participation.


Point tally:

(Does not include Thursday’s points)

Seniors (65)
Sophomores (64)
Juniors (50)
Eighth (33)
Freshmen (27)
Seventh (11)



Each grade had seven minutes to perform their pepper squad skit and class cheer. The eighth graders kicked off the assembly with their remake of King Kong, followed by the freshman (Where the Wild Things Are), the juniors (Bigfoot), the seventh grader (Swiper the fox), the sophomores (Bowser), and lastly the seniors (Team Rocket).

Spirit Week 2014 will come to a close the next day, when each grade performs their versions of the All-School Cheer and crams their grade onto a portable stage for Platform Jam. The dress-up theme is the school colors—black, gold and white—and the Mana Cup winner will be announced during the half-time show at the varsity basketball boys homecoming game in the evening. The homecoming court will also be presented during this time.