The Class of 2015 prevailed over five other grades to win the Spirit Week Mana Cup.

The juniors and sophomores came in second and third, respectively.

Here are the final scores and standings for Spirit Week 2015:


6th: 7th Grade (116 pts.)
5th: 8th Grade (166 pts.)
4th: Freshmen (206 pts.)
3rd: Sophomores (231 pts.)
2nd: Juniors (292 pts.)
1st: Seniors (304 pts.)

The seniors took first place in the Platform Jam, ZOE fundraiser, and Class Banner categories. The juniors lost significant points in the “Five Minutes” challenge and Class Mascot categories, leaving them six points behind the seniors. This year, the rankings directly coincided with the grade levels: first to seniors, second to juniors, third to sophomores, and so on.

As usual, the NHS held a fundraiser for ZOE International, an organization dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking have better futures, physically and emotionally. This year, the school as a total raised $3870.60. The senior class alone raised $1452.73, nearly half of the total amount. The junior class made the second largest contribution ($970.32) and the seventh grade class gave $593.41, the third largest contribution.

Know Your Fairy Tales

This year’s Spirit Week theme—”Blank Ever After”—required classes to come up with original sequels to traditional fairy tales. Check out Know Your Fairy Tales to view the Eagle Eye’s video adaptations of a selection of fairy tales that were featured this year.

Your Guide to Spirit Week

Check out our Guide to Spirit Week for details on the week’s activities, and rules and judging criteria.

Photo Gallery

The Spirit Week 2015 Gallery is the place to view pictures from the week’s activities, including the homecoming basketball games against St. Francis Saints.

Why “Blank Ever After”?

The student council shares their intentions and hopes behind this year’s Spirit Week theme in Spirit Week Theme Announced.