Have you ever wondered what happens to the princess and prince after the end of a fairy tale?

What does “happily ever after” actually look like? Rarely do we get a glimpse of the heroes’ lives after their triumphs. After the princess marries the prince and destroys the evil queen, what happens? What about the guilt that comes from killing someone, or what does being married and ruling a kingdom look like?

HBA’s 2015 Spirit Week will explore the “ever after” of popular fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Three Little Pigs. Titled “____ Ever After” (pronounced ‘Blank Ever After’), the Spirit Week theme challenges classes to fill in the blank and create original stories to continue the fairy tales. Vice President and Chair of Spirit Week Joshua Kishaba says, “The Pepper Squad should be along the lines of a sequel, or a what-happens-after story.” While everyone is familiar with Disney’s adaptations of fairy tales, they may not be aware of fairy tales’ morbid origins as originally recorded in the Grimm Brothers’ “Grimm’s Fairy Tales.”


“I would like to see people change my perspective on how I see that fairy tales as a whole.”

Student Body Vice President and Spirit Week Chair Joshua Kishaba


In the early 19th century, fascinated by folk-tales, the two German brothers began collecting old folk stories spanning centuries and cultures. The Grimm Brothers recorded and published over two hundred fairy tales, many of which do not have the romanticized endings that we have become familiar with. According to the School Council, this year’s Spirit Week theme hopes to take students back to the original stories, such as the seldom mentioned ending of Cinderella, where the evil stepmother is forced to literally dance herself to death.

Recording Secretary Rylie Sumimoto says the idea for this year’s theme is to put a ‘modern twist on the old traditional story.’ She says, “I want to see lots of creative mascot costumes that present the characters in new, innovative ways.” Kishaba adds, “I hope to see a lot of very creative stories that go beyond what is expected. I would like to see people change my perspective on how I see that fairy tales as a whole.” He also notes that a lot of weight will be given to creativity by the Pepper Squad judges.

On September 25, class presidents picked their themes (see list below) and Spirit Week preparations will take place throughout the second quarter. Like last year, the 2015 Spirit Week will be on the first week of the third quarter.


7th: Little Red Riding Hood
8th: The Gingerbread Man
9th: Hansel and Gretel
10th: Three Little Pigs
11th: Goldilocks
12th: Jack and the Beanstalk

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