Spirit Week 2017 kicks off next week starting January 9 and ends with our annual Homecoming Games at the high school.

Here’s what you need to know to get in the spirit. All the best to everyone and may the Force be with all of you!



MONDAY: Genre Day* and Tug of War
Students must dress up as character from their class’s assigned genre.

TUESDAY: Toddler Tuesday* & 5 Mins to Win It
Come dressed as a toddler.

WEDNESDAY: Fashion Don’t Day* & Trivia Contest
Let yourself go with all the fashion faux pas you’ve never allowed yourself to commit.

THURSDAY: Pepper Squad Dress-Up* & Pepper Squad + Class Cheer

FRIDAY: Black, Gold & White, & Platform Jam + All School Cheer

On Friday, students may wear HBA attire (uniforms do not count). Approved attire include: HBA Spirit shirt, CEW shirts, HBA sports apparel. Other black, gold, and white attire may also be worn in the constraints of handbook rules.

*Full dress-up days. See Rules below for definition.


Here are the bell schedules for both the middle and high schools.


For every day except Friday, at least one accessory should be worn or “in hand” to receive credit. Students must also at least wear a top that is appropriate for the day to receive credit.

Classes earn Spirit Points based on percentage when students dress up in the manner supportive of that day. If a student is wearing a uniform top, that student can only wear a uniform bottom and uniform jacket. Friday is designated as a T-Shirt Day. Such a day is set aside to encourage class and school unity. On this day, students can wear blue jeans or a uniform bottom with the assigned top. Only the top counts for Spirit Points on these days. Students should wear covered shoes.

The following things are not allowed:

[one_third]Unapproved shorts
Tank-tops only
Underwear on the Outside
See-through or form-fitting clothing
Holes or frayed clothing[/one_third] [two_third_last]Showing skin off the shoulder
Hair coloring
Showing cleavage
Questionable advertisements, pictures or wording[/two_third_last]

Shorts worn on these days must be knee-length, preferably HBA-like shorts, walking shorts, or Bermuda shorts. Slippers, knee-length basketball shorts, and knee-length board shorts are only allowed when they are designated in advance as appropriate for a given day.

Don’t forget our other pre-existing rules, too:

Covered shoes must be worn (in addition to saying “no slippers”)
No earrings for boys or any other piercings for boys and girls
No exposed tattoos
No extreme hairstyles such as mohawks, extreme fohawks, shaved heads, or shaved heads with patterns
Natural hair color or a shade off until the assembly
No exposed midriff or cleavage.

Other Important Things to Note

Pepper Squad Dress-Up Day Allowances will be decided between class councils and the Student Council prior to Pepper Squad Dress-Up Day.

Student dress deemed inappropriate will count against their grade level’s daily percentage for Spirit Points.


Here are the rules and judging criteria for Spirit Week activities.

Day 1: Genre Day & Tug of War
Day 2: Toddler Tuesday & Five Minutes to Win It