For the second day of Spirit Week, students dressed up as babies and toddlers.

With bottles, bibs, and pacifiers galore, students reverted back to their younger years in their toddler themed clothes. To end the day, each grade competed in minute-long challenges against one another. From catching marshmallows, shooting rubber bands at cans to unravelling streamers at top speed, this year’s challenges made the most of every second on the clock.

Current scores after Day 2 (points)

#1 Seniors (40)
#2 Sophomores (31)
#3 8th Grade (26)*
#3 Juniors (26)
#5 7th Grade (12)*
#6 Freshman (4)

You can see a score breakdown here.
*Correction: Per the student council, eighth and seventh grade dress up points were incorrectly awarded when the scores were first posted. The eighth grade score is 26, not 28. The seventh grade score is 12 not 10.


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Spirit Week Day 2 from HBA Eagle Eye on Vimeo.
Filmed and edited by Jarin Ashimine (’20)

Photographs by Ryan Su (’17), Paige Oshiro (’17), Kaycee Nakashima (’20), and Kristin Moniz (’18).