The class of 2017 heads to the Big Island this morning for their three-day Senior Trip.

Many of them will have had little sleep, having spent all night doing last minute packing before having to arrive at the airport at 3:45am. But well-rested or not, Nui Sabas joked ahead of the trip, “Either way, at least one person will most likely miss their flight,” as he reflected on his classmates fondness for procrastination and sleep. “It will probably be me,” he added.

Serving as a last chance for seniors to spend quality time together as a class, the trip has a simple purpose: class bonding over fun and relaxation. Paige Oshiro is glad for break from a hectic school week. “I am looking forward to talking story with people because at school I feel like we are in our own little bubbles and don’t get to talk to each other much. I am hoping that it is like our school camps,” she said. Sabas agreed, saying, “I am looking forward to some quality time with not only my friends but the other people I see at school because in a few months we won’t see most of these people again or not that often.”

Weather-wise, things look to be shaping up after a rainy week. But April Laxamana doesn’t think the weather will make a big impact on the class’s spirit. “I think rain or shine,” she said, “everyone will have a great time on Senior Trip. Hopefully we will come back as a stronger knit group of students and will enjoy getting to know everyone a little more before we all part ways.”

The seniors will return on Sunday to the last week of the third quarter before heading into Spring Break.