The third day of Spirit Week was a spectacular show of fashion faux pas.

Mismatched prints, gaudy color combinations and simply awkward accessories ruled the day as all but one class rallied to pull off a perfect score for dress-up participation. Instead of an assembly activity, grade representatives competed in a trivia competition during lunch. Here are the current scores:

Dress Up Participation

100%: 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th
99%: 9th

Trivia Competition

1st: 7th (14 correct)
2nd: Tie between 8th and 11th (10 correct)
4th: 12th (8 correct)
5th: Tie between 9th and 10th (7 correct)

Current overall scores after Day 3 (points)

#1 Seniors (54)
#2 8th Grade (44)*
#2 Juniors (44)
#4 Sophomores (43)
#5 7th Grade (32)
#6 Freshmen (7)

Here is a detailed score breakdown.
*Correction: Per the student council, eighth and seventh grade dress up points were incorrectly awarded when the scores were first posted. The eighth grade score is 44, not 46. The seventh grade score is 32 not 30.


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