For many students, the highlight of Spirit Week is day four: Pepper Squad day.

At HBA, Pepper Squad is a skit performed by each grade during Spirit Week meant to promote each grade’s theme as well as to boost school spirit, hence the “pepper”.

Preparations begin in the second quarter, when the Student Council announces the overall Spirit Week theme. Classes compete to produce the best banner, Pepper Squad, and Pepper Squad costumes to fit their assigned theme.

Here are each grade’s Pepper Squad Themes as well as their current point standings:

Current overall scores as of Day 4 (points)
Points only include dress up points; Pepper Squad, class cheer, banner, and mascot scores will not be released ahead of the final results at the Homecoming Game.

#1 Seniors – Men In Black (64)
#2 8th Grade – Star Wars (54)*
#2 Juniors – Space Jam (54)
#4 Sophomores – Avatar (53)
#5 7th Grade – Tron (42)*
#6 Freshmen – Cowboys vs. Aliens (8)

Here is a detailed score breakdown.
*Correction: Per the student council, eighth and seventh grade dress up points were incorrectly awarded when the scores were first posted. The eighth grade score is 54, not 56. The seventh grade score is 42 not 40.


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Photographs by Ryan Su (’17), Paige Oshiro (’17), Karly Tom (’17).