From October 27 to November 4, students gathered to either play in or watch the soccer intramurals that was held in the high school gymnasium during lunch.

There was a total of fourteen teams that participated in the games. In the end Team3—Kaitlyn Nomura, Asia Ono, Carissa Sugita, Kimberly Masuda, Kalli-Ann Takafuji, and Nathan Hishimuma (sub)—finished as the top team by beating runner-up Perpetual Motion Squad by 4-0.

Student Council member Judithanne Young, who took the lead in planning the event, said, “The rules were basically no fouling and no goalies. Planning Intramurals was a great experience, but also a little tough since I had never seen or participated in intramurals before and I had no real experience with soccer.” She gave credit to History teacher Robert Weismantel for helping her with setting the rules and refereeing.

Sophomore Megan Yamauchi, who was part of the Golden Retriever team, said, “Playing soccer is really fun but pretty intense. There’s a lot of shin kicking and running back and forth. I give soccer players credit for what they do.” Yamauchi admitted that she was nervous at first, but once she started to play, it did not matter that there was a crowd of people watching.

Senior Nathan Hishinuma, who was a substitute for Team3, said, “Playing was so much fun, especially after winning a game. Overall I had a lot of fun playing even though I kind of suck at soccer.”

Senior Brett Watanabe, from Perpetual Motion Squad, says, “It was a serious competition to us because we wanted to win it all, so it was really energetic and tiring.”

The teams that made it to the finals were Team 3, Noa and Breanne 5ever, Perpetual Motion Squad, and Iolani Red Raiders.

Photography by Ryan Su (’17) and Joel Lau (’18).