For third day of Spirit Week, students came to school dressed to the theme of Apps & Games.

During the assembly, classes competed to fit as many people as they could onto a platform in Platform Jam. Each class is given one minute to fit as many students onto a platform as they can and have to remain on the platform another 30 seconds. This year, the sophomores won first place by squeezing 76 students on the platform. In second place were the seniors, just two students shy of the sophomores, with 74 students. In third, fourth, fifth and sixth were the eighth graders (69), juniors (68), the freshmen (67), and the seventh graders (66), respectively.

Day 3 Standings:
1st Place: Seniors (58 pts)
2nd Place: Sophomores (50 pts)
3rd Place: Juniors (32 pts)
4th Place: Eighth Grade (25 pts)
5th Place: Freshman (21 pts)
6th Place: Seventh Grade (8 pts)

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Photographs by Jarin Ashimine (’20), Brent Low (’20), Timothy Dixon (’20), and Lance Tasaka (’20)